Digital Printing Guide

Digital images are stored as thousands of tiny dots that blend together to form your photograph. The more dots, the better the image, but the bigger the file. Each technology has its own limitations; for example a typical computer screen is limited to 72 dots per inch, whereas our photographs are printed at a much higher 300 dots per inch.

Digi-Prints will automatically check each image you upload and warn you if the resolution is too poor for the size of print. Images below the minimum level risk becoming blurred or pixelated, giving a blocky and poorly defined appearance. Our guide below shows the typical number of dots per inch for quality printing (bigger prints are normally viewed from a greater distance and may need less dots). Of course you can submit larger files, it just takes longer for you to upload.

Print SizeUnacceptableMinimumOptimum
5x4450 x 360600 x 4801000 x 800
6x4540 x 360720 x 4801200 x 800
5x7450 x 630600 x 8401000 x 1400
6x8540 x 720720 x 9601200 x 1600
6x9540 x 810720 x 10801200 x 1800
8x10480 x 600640 x 8001600 x 2000
8x12480 x 720640 x 9601600 x 2400
10x12600 x 720800 x 9602000 x 2400
10x15600 x 900800 x 12002000 x 3000
12x18720 x 1080960 x 14402400 x 3600
20x161200 x 9601600 x 12804000 x 3200
30x201800 x 12002400 x 16006000 x 4000

If your images have come out too light or too dark, the chances are that your monitor's brightness may be too bright or too dark. Try adjusting your monitor so the on screen image matches your print. Remember the settings for next time so your images will then be more as you expected. What you submit to us is what we print.

If you want the best match possible, then please convert all your images to sRGB prior to ordering, as this is the profile that our printer uses. For more information on how to do this, please contact us by filling out the form on the 'Contact Us' page. Alternatively, if you wish us to do this for you, then we can do so for a small additional charge.